Welcome to providers, managers and commissioners of 'Housing with Care' and 'Extra Care Housing' for older people

With your involvement, we will promote and support the development of a range of successful housing with care solutions for older people


Housing with Care is an exciting addition to the range of housing and services available to older people in the UK. Many different models have been developed by over 300 providers across the public, voluntary and private sectors, and innovation continues. We hope this site will help the market in housing with care to grow, and continue to innovate, by providing a forum within which professionals involved can:

  • Share information about their models of provision
  • Share knowledge and experience of what makes for success
  • Work towards a common language to describe their provision to the public
  • Adopt outcome measures to demonstrate that they deliver what they promise
  • Debate the value of a kitemarking system to build public confidence in housing with care

What do we mean by Housing with Care?

We mean all forms of specialist housing for older people where care services are provided or facilitated. This includes extra care housing, assisted living, very sheltered housing, close care and continuing care environments, and care villages.

Using this broad and inclusive approach, we have created a database of over 1,100 housing developments across the UK that broadly fit our Housing with Care definition, of which we have detailed information on around 450 so far.  The Search for housing with care is a key feature of this site.

Who is this site for?

Access to the site is not restricted, but EAC intends to promote it only to providers of Housing with Care, and hopes that it will become the voice of the industry. Over time, and in consultation with the industry, we will migrate suitable material from this site to our ‘housing options’ site www.HousingCare.org, to create a comprehensive public showcase for Housing with Care.


Related resources

The Housing Learning & Improvement Network (Housing LIN) is the main source of information for commissioners of housing with care (see the Housing LIN website), and we will continue to work closely with our partners in the LIN in developing this site.

EAC's 'housing options' website www.HousingCare.org provides detailed information on all retirement housing in the UK as well as care homes, home improvement services and much more.

Download EAC In Focus (December 2007) celebrating the launch of the Quality of Information Mark